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HOSES pour les shoes’ addicts


At the heart of Le Marais in the centre of Paris, Hoses offers you the latest trends from the biggest names in fashion, meaning you can discover new designers of shoes as well as bags.  The idea? Exclusivity. When she opened her one-of-a-kind concept store over 13 years ago, Valery Duboucheron, former luxury brand photo stylist and consultant, had just one thing in mind: to offer her customers something they wouldn’t find anywhere else.

At Hoses, each model of shoe is unique: only one pair exists in each size. Some models are made to measure, the fruit of an invaluable collaboration between designers and Valery Duboucheron herself.

Ever-faithful to the spirit of the unique, she resisted selling online. But eventually, in order to meet ever-growing customer demand, Hoses has implemented a reservation service through the website www.hoses-limited.com.  You can reserve your shoes for up to 2 days in order to come and collect them from the boutique at 41, rue de Poitou.

However, bags and jewellery can be purchased directly from the website. Not sure? As with shoes, you can reserve via the website and come by within 2 days.

Of course, Hoses is also present on social media:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et Pinterest !